YILB believes that the effort on building better Indonesia yields inefficacious results if done single-handedly. By affiliating with various corporates, communities and vanguard organizations, YILB supports many great existing programs to make it bigger, create a greater impact and reach more people.

We support many of the best programs by creating synergy with our partners as well as planning and executing community programs for corporations.


There are many community-based organizations that have contributed directly to the society through various highly efficient programs. By utilizing the YILB partnership into effect, these programs are being reinforced with the anticipation of a much larger impact.


Driven by the vision brought by the founder of TKQ Nurul Qolbi (also known as Sekolah DayaLima) and Project Jernih, YILB is eager to build a close partnership and to be directly involved in both organizations activities and programs. Our partnership has transformed into an incubation system that allows the program to, not only develop internally, but also to inspire others.


YILB is partnering with corporates and other non-profit organizations that are eager to have a social contribution for Indonesia. Being closely engaged with the corporate partners in developing rigorous programs, YILB acts as a planner and executor, encouraging activities and programs that will drive Indonesians towards an improved transformation.

DayaLima Family Social Activities

As the social arms of DayaLima family, YILB also convenes and encourages all family members to be proactive in contributing efforts to build a better Indonesia. DayaLima family often joins YILB community partners’ activities and events such as the socialization campaign for Project Jernih during Car Free Day Jakarta; taking the role of one-day-lecturer during Kelas Berbagi at Sekolah DayaLima; and building homes together with Habitat for Humanity are just to name a few.

Merekonstruksi Indonesia

In collaboration with The School of Government and Public Policy (SGPP), YILB had launched a book titled “Merekonstruksi Indonesia” (Reconstructing Indonesia); written by governance experts Professor Neo Boon Siong of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore, ProfessorAzhar Kasim of FISIP-UI, administration expert and a Professor at University of Indonesia, Professor Martani Huseini (PhD), and co-founder of Daya Dimensi Indonesia Rozan Anwar (PhD).


With the intention to inspire, this book was written for –but not limited to, governance actors and observers as a guide to improve, restructure, and innovate their own environment. In this book, the Dynamic Governance concept by Professor Neo Boon Siong was being strengthen by an illustrational form of transformational practice executed by the nation, as well as the regional Indonesian government.


Merekonstruksi Indonesia was launched in effort to support the governmental activities to build a better Indonesia by improving the nation’s administrative system.